About US


We aim to establish a trusted brand and promote the modern bubble tea culture in Denmark.


By maintaining the highest standard of quality and ethics in our products and service, we’ll earn the trust of our customers, employees and the community to be the first choice.

From dream to reality

With a dream of upscaling the bubble tea trend in downtown Copenhagen, Tea:licious Café opened at Studiestræde in the beginning of May 2016. 

Equipped with a training certificate from Taiwan, we started to build our menu from the classical Pearl Milk Tea, latte and fruit tea, and enhanced our own premium blends.

“Since Denmark ranks among the top ten coffee drinking nation, it was a challenge to break the chain of habit. But since the trend attracted a lot of the younger generation, we saw this as an opportunity to create a new wave of awareness that triggered a change, so now, bubble tea is  fully engraved in their tastebuds!”

We offer our customers a homey and cozy atmosphere, where they can enjoy and hang out while having their drinks. Consistency in taste is very important and to give our customers the same great experience on each cup.

Tea:licious Owners
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